standard Keystroke Recorder Software 4 Good Must Have Features

keystroke recorder softwareGood keystroke recorder software is a must have if you want to learn about the online activities of any person. But why would you want to keep tabs on someone?

Perhaps you suspect your spouse of infidelity and want to learn the truth about your relationship. If you are business owner you may want to monitor your employees for improper use of internet. Monitoring PC activity use will ensure productive use of time, and prevent information theft.

If you are a parent you would want to keep your kids away from online predators lurking in every dark corner of the web. Dangers are waiting to pounce on vulnerable children at every step on the internet.

A good quality keystroke recorder software can prove to be an invaluable help in all these issues.

But how will you recognize credible keylogger software when you see it?  Here you can see how to install a keylogger. Obviously you will need to take a look at the features of the software. It will help you to understand the capabilities of the program.

Let us have a look at a few ‘ must have’ features that a good modern day keystroke capture software should have:

Keystroke recorder software should run invisibly

The keylogger program should remain in the background, hidden well inside the PC. It should not leave any telltale signs that will alert the subject and make them suspicious.

The person of interest should not know

This is the whole point of surveillance – that it should stay invisible, the subject should not get to know about it. Or else, they will simply modify their behavior and escape detection. Or worse keep fooling your for a long time!

Should record all keystrokes (even in Google Chrome incognito mode)

The keystroke capture program should capture ALL keystrokes on the PC – it should miss nothing. This will help to create a more complete picture of the monitored activity without any gaps. Google Chrome incognito mode prevents any cookies a good keystroke recorder program should capture all keystrokes in this mode as well.

It should do more (What about AutoFill capability of browsers?)

In most of the modern browsers a lot of activity does not need keyboard activity or even the use of mouse. A good example is the autofill feature – where the user need not type anything.

Most of the keystroke recorder software fail at this last step. They are so focused on capturing ‘keyboard’ activity that they neglect other important activities – especially the ones that do not need typing.

PC Tattletale has a neat solution to this issue. It simply records a video of all the activity, and reveals all the information that stays hidden in the AutoFill feature. You always have a complete picture of what is happening – you don’t miss anything.

PC Tattletale is a better than the other keylogger software simply because it does more. Why don’t you download pctattletale and give it a try – it’s completely FREE!