standard Key Recorder – What Is It?

key recorderA key recorder, also known as keystroke recorder, is a software that logs every keystroke you type on your computer. A key recorder can be used to record and track computer activity and it runs hidden in the background.

Key recorder software is ideal for parental control. Parents can use a keystroke recorder to track what their children are doing on the internet. A spouse can also track their partner’s activity online by using a keystroke recorder.

Employers can use a key recorder to track and record keystrokes, and capture screens of the computer activity. They can also discover if your employees are spending their time on non-work tasks.

PC Tattletale, a key recorder software

PC Tattletale is a sophisticated keystroke recorder used in tracking computer activity. The software tracks and records in a full stealth mode. You can see how easy pcTattletale is to install by reading this article:  How To Install a Keylogger remotely. This means the user cannot detect that the keylogger software is running on their PC.

The capabilities of PC Tattletale are wide-ranging. This means that you can capture screen activity at sporadic intervals. You can also capture logs of all email activity, websites visited and record all applications run by users on the PC.

PC Tattletale automatically stores logs to a remote server on PC Tattletale website. Users can access the logs when they log into their page. There are several keylogger software found online, but PC Tattletale is the best you can find. It offers a wide range of amazing features that can help you achieve your goals. The software does not hinder the productivity of the user or interrupt other programs on the computer. Another advantage of using a keylogger software is that it can be used to retrieve lost information, in case a computer system crashes.

Are you looking for a keystroke recorder or keylogger software? If so, PC Tattletale is perfect for your needs. You can Download PC Tattletale and try it free, it is easy to download and install.