standard Setting up PC Tattletale for Older Android Devices

Before you put PC Tattletale on your android device (to monitor it) you must root the device.  This only applies to older Android devices running version 4 or older.  Rooting your android device lets PC Tattletale do the things you want.  Like run invisibly without being seen.  Start back up when they restart their phone.  Make videos of everything they do.  Without rooting, you would pretty disappointed in PC Tattletale’s spying abilities.  Of course you can always get a newer android device and skip the rooting process below all together.

TIP:  Already try putting PC Tattletale on your NON rooted Android Device?   Use the graphic below to remove PC Tattletale before it is found!  Then install it after your device is rooted.


PC Tattletale Removal Android


The good news is Rooting your device does not need to be very hard.  You can easily do it without being the least bit technical.  We recommend you use the company One Click Root.


One Click Root has software that will attempt to root your Android Device.  If the software can not do it they will do it for you VIA chat and the Web.  It is pretty amazing.


You just plug the Android device into your computer VIA USB and let them do their thing.  There is a $40 charge for their software and service.  Well worth it.  You do not want to spend hours hunting and searching for a FREE android rooting solution.  Just pay these guys.  Get the device rooted by someone who knows what they are doing.  You will be very glad you did.


One Click Root Screen Shot


Once your Android device is rooted you just need to check a box to allow installing apps from places other than the Google play store.  Go into “Settings”.  Pick the “Security” link on left.  Then make sure the box is checked.  Just like the graphic below shows:




Finally.  Open up the SuperUser# App (installed by the One Root) to turn off any notifications about PC Tattletale running on their Android Device.  Screen shot below shows the SuperSU app.




Once you open it un-check the box “show notifications” under “settings”


That’s all there is to it.  Get the device rooted and follow the steps above.  Then install PC Tattletale just like any other app.  After you put it on their phone or tablet it disappears.  They will not see it.  You will be able to watch everything they do remotely without them knowing.