standard Wrong Computer Time Breaks PC Tattletale

PC Tattletale needs your computer set to the right time.  Or it won’t work.  It has to do with security.  Follow these instructions to sync your computer with internet time.  Then PC Tattletale will work beautifully for you.

This problem should not appear in the employee time clock version of pcTattetale.


First click the time down on the lower left:

PC Tattletale Clock Fix 1


Next click the link to change date and time settings:


Change Settings Clock

Next Pick Internet Time.  This will help set the computer to the right time:


Pick Internet Time

Click the button to change settings:

change internet time

Finally click “update now”.  Your clock will be sync’d to internet time:


Update internet time

Now that you are done.  Go Back to PC Tattletale.  The continue button will now work.  PC Tattletale can record the computer correctly.

If this still did not fix the problem we need to know.  Contact us here.