standard 4 Tips for Employee Computer Monitoring

Today we are going to cover 4 Tips for Employee Monitoring, so let’s get started. Software like PC Tattletale makes it super easy to monitor your employees every click, but you should follow these 4 tips so that you are doing everything above board and legally.

#1 You want to be clear. I see people with PC Tattletale make this mistake all the time, they just throw it on their computers without any warning to their employees. Let’s talk about how you need to be clear. You should have a simple computer policy for your company in place, but it doesn’t need to be very complicated. It just needs to tell them what they can and can’t do at work. Make sure to have your employees sign this, so they know what they can and can’t do on a work computer. It’s really pretty simple.

#2 You want to be transparent and here is what I mean. In your simple computer policy you need to tell them that you will be watching their activity from time to time. That way there are no legal problems if you have to fire someone because of what they did on your company’s computers.

#3 You want to be reasonable. In your computer policy you need to include reasons for monitoring your employees. In some states and countries you can’t just monitor employees with no reasons at all. I am going to give you a couple of reasons that any company can use, and you can throw in your computer usage policy, so that you can monitor their activity and not have any problems legally depending on where you live.

So I recommend using these:

First Ensure that employees perform their duties efficiently. I mean think about it. You are going to put PC Tattletale on your employees computers and you are going to be shocked the first time you tell them to do something and log in, and watch that they didn’t do what you just told them to do. We hear this all the time, but ensuring that they are doing their work effectively is why you want to monitor them in the first place. You are doing it just to make sure they are doing their job the way you told them. It’s a legitimate reason to monitor their activity.

Next you want to ensure the security and protection of valuable company information. The statistics on this are just mind blowing, 1 out of every 2 people steals information off your computer before they leave their job. That’s why you want to monitor what they are doing, to make sure they are just not ripping you off.

And third you want to defend your company’s reputation. You don’t want to be paying people on your computers to sit on Facebook and tell people how much they think their jobs sucks or how bad the company is doing. You want to have a chance to defend your company’s reputation, and monitoring your employees activity is a great way to do it.

#4 You want to be responsive. This is another problem I see people make all the time after they have done the other three. So what do I mean by this? Well When you see someone violating your computer policy make sure to enforce it. Act quickly, consistently and with appropriate progressive discipline.

By using these 4 tips you will have better results monitoring your employee’s activities with software like PC Tattletale. Just make sure you have a simple computer policy in place, and follow the tips I just gave you.