Step 1

Sign up for a free clickbank account. What is Clickbank? Clickbank is an online payment processor. They collect the money from the customers your refer and split it 50/50 between you and PC Tattletale. It is all automatic and you get a check twice a month.

Step 2

Enter your new Clickbank username in the box below with your contact information. Then you will get instant access to links, social media, banners, emails, and more that you can promote all over the internet. When someone clicks on your link and upgrades their membership you get paid.

Raw Affiliate Link

Your affiliate link is below. When someone clicks this link you'll earn 50% of every pcTattletale license that is sold. You can check your stats on the clickbank dashboard.

Someone clicks on your clickbank affiliate link and buys pcTattletale. ClickBank see's the sale and pays half to you and half to pcTattletale. You can watch your sales build over the week from the clickbank account control panel.

We are open to all traffic source; email, banners, social media, push notification. Please bear in mind that our services are provided in English so we recommend targetting English speaking geos.