Trend Micro PC-Cillin / Bug Issues:

Unfortunately, the Trend Micro PC-Cillin anti-virus product contains a bug that does not allow permanent exclusions.

What this means is that the Trend Micro PC-Cillin software will not allow you do an "always exclude" option for any program you may wish to run on your PC.

For example, you can choose to exclude any program from the PC-Cillin scans, but then it will nag you again thirty seconds later about the exclusion you just preformed.

This is a very serious bug in that software and as a result the PC-Cillin product is not compatible with PC Tattletale.

Therefore we recommend you move to another security program that allows you more flexibility in what you choose to exclude.

However, as an alternative, we would like to suggest two other programs that are both very popular, have been tested for compatibility, work very well and best of all, both are FREE!

Ad-Aware 2007

Avast 4.7 Home Edition