Need To ReDownload PC Tattletale 8?

Many parents find that they need to redownload and or reinstall PC Tattletale software for various reasons ranging from getting a new computer, formatting a hard drive or updating their current version.

There is no charge to redownload the software.


Before you re-download please make sure to watch video below

How to exclude PC Tattletale from Anti-Spyware scans video

1) Before downloading again you must uninstall the current version you have on your PC to ensure that that you have clean slate for the installation.

Click here to download the PC Tattletale un installer. Choose "Save" and save the file to your desktop.

When you run this un installer it will ask you for your network login password.

This is to prevent your child from trying to uninstall PC Tattletale should they ever discover it on their machine.

2) Now double click on the uninstaller.exe to run the program.

When finished, REBOOT your PC.

3) Now, click here to re download the latest version (8) of PC Tattletale.

Once this file is saved to your desktop, double click on the pcttsetup-rd.exe to reinstall the PC Tattletale program.

When finished, REBOOT your PC.

If you are a registered user, now is the time to use your existing unlock key to register the program. If you are a trial user you may now use the program in trial form.

4) Lastly, be sure to DELETE the saved "uninstallpctt.exe" and "pcttsetup-rd.exe" files from the desktop when you are finished.