Resolving Firewall Issues When Using PC Tattletale:

Why does PC Tattletale need to connect to the Internet in the first place?

PC Tattletale must access the Internet in order to send email notifications to you of recorded conversations the program captured.

It also needs to access the Internet to verify your unlock code and to check for important software updates.

Of course, you may choose to leave your firewall set as it is, however PC Tattletale may not function at it's optimum capabilities.

For example, you will not be able to receive email notifications and you will not be able to register a paid for copy of the software.

Fortunately correcting the problem is VERY easy. All firewall programs allow you make exceptions for programs that you trust to access the Internet.

The links below show how to do this with common software fire walls. If your firewall is not listed please contact support for assistance.

Firewall Configuration Video:

Note: "PC Tattletale Could Not Access The Internet Error"

If you received this error message is is usually caused because of a firewall installed on your computer.

A firewall attempts to block access from both people trying to get into your computer as well as programs trying to call out to the Internet.

This error is nothing to worry about and it is easily corrected - while keeping your firewall intact.