PC Tattletale Internet Monitoring Software & Parental Control Software
PC Tattletale Parental control software & internet monitoring software for parents monitors teen chat rooms, instant messages, web sites, email and more.

The Dangers Of MySpace.Com
Chatting online at places like MySpace.Com is the number one social activities for most teens, but it does expose them to online dangers. Learn how you can minimize the safety risks when your kids use MySPace.com.

SpectorSoft - Spector Pro | mac 2009
The award-winning Spector Pro | Mac has been built from the ground up for the Mac OS.

PC Tattletale Live Tech Support Options
PC Tattletale offers live tech support for its Parental control & internet monitoring software 24 hours a day 7 days a week for free to registered users.

Internet Monitoring Software FAQ For PC Tattletale
If you have questions about the PC Tattletale Parental software suite of tools, please click here.

Parents Review PC Tattletale Parental Controls
Read why parents love PC Tattletale Parental Control and Internet Monitoring Softaware. Read hundreds of reviews.

Downloading the PC Tattletale Parenting Software
Download the free 7 day trial of the new PC Tattletale Parental control software suite so you can keep your kids safe online.

Competitive Upgrade Pricing On Parental Control Software
PC Tattletale offers special discount pricing when you upgrade from any other Parental controls & internet monitoring software for parents.

PC Tattletale Help Video Tutorials
Getting started with PC Tattletale parental control and internet monitoring software is easy with our online help videos.

Internet Safety & Parental Control Tips for Parents
PC Tattletale.com offers a host of internet safety tips for parents so they can better understand the hidden dangers children and teens face when they are allowed to go online unsupervised.

Join the PC Tattletale Affiliate Program
Click here to join the PC Tattletale affiliate program and earn cash and help keep kids safe online at the same time.

PC Tattletale Tech Support
We proudly offer free support to the users of internet monitoring software live 800 # phone, e-mail, help desk & online support.

Chat Room Monitoring - Parental Control Software
PC Tattletale's chat room monitor makes it easy to keep your children safe when they use chat rooms. It's the ultimate Parental control chat monitoring software

Need Internet Monitoring Software?
PC Tattletale offers internet monitoring software and top of the line parental controls. PC Tattletale Monitors teen chat rooms, instant messages, web sites, email and more.

Keystroke Recoder - Keylogging - Keylogger
The PC Tattletale keystroke recorder captures both online chat sessions and instant messages too. And the keylogger is free with the PC Tattletale Parental monitoring suite

Email Monitoring Software For Parents
Email monitoring software secretly captures all inbound and outbound email for Parental review

Screen shot capture software - Video Surveillance
PC Tattletale's screen shot capture and recording features makes it easy to know exactly what your children are doing online so you can keep them safe when they use the web.

URL Specific Web Filtering & Keyword Blocking
PC Tattletale offers special Web filtering and Keyword blocking tools that let you decide where your children can go online and what they can or can't see

Program Activity Recording - Activity Monitoring Software
What to know what software your children are using?Program activity recording is made easy with PC Tattletale Parental control software suite

Stealth Recording and Monitoring
PC Tattletales steath monitoring feature means that your children will have no idea that their activity is being recorded. Plus the hidden email monitoring software secretly captures all inbound and outbound email for your review.

Free Internet Safety Report
Get this Free Internet Safety Report and learn the top 10 things you can do right now to keep your child safe online

More Parents Review PC Tattletale Parental Controls
Thousands of parents rave about how much they love PC Tattletale Parental Control and Internet Monitoring Softaware. Read hundreds of these reviews here.

Awards for PC Tattletale Internet Monitoring Software
PC Tattletale Parental controls and internet monitoring software for parents wins multiple awards for easy of use. Monitors teen chat rooms, instant messages, web sites, email and more.

Contact Information For PC Tattletale
Contacting any department at PC Tattletale is easy. Just select the department you want to speak with

PC Tattletale Terms of Service
Questions about using PC Tattletale internet monitoring and parental control software? Please read our terms of service.

PC Tattletale Software Usage Disclaimer
The use of PC Tattletale requires that you agree to abid by the terms of our EULA

Posted PC Tattletale Privacy Policy
Posted privacy policy for PC Tattletale software as sold by Parental control products LLC.

Online Sex Offender Database
Does a child predator or sex offender live next door, or right down the block? Find out here.

Copyright Notice For Parental Control Products, LLC
Please read the Parental Control Products, LLC copyright notice for PC Tattletale

Anti Spyware Exclusion Procedures For PC Tattletale
Is your anti-spyware keeping you from protecting your children? If so watch our easy to follow online videos and learn how to exclude PC Tattletale interent monitoring software from your internet security software.

Recommended Internet Security Software
Looking for Anti Virus, Internet Security or Anti Spyware that won't cause issues with your parental control software or internet monitoring software?

Setting Up Parental Controls For The First Time
Learn how to set up your copy of PC Tattletale internet monitoring software for the first time.

Help For New PC Tattletale Users
A special getting started page for new PC Tattletale internet monitoring software users

Configuration & Set Up Answers For PC Tattletale
Lean how to quickly set up and use any of the PC Tattletale internet monitoring software features contained in your sofware

Anti Virus and Anti Spyware Software Conflicts
How to deal with the conflicts caused by anti-spyware software and your Parental control software

Firewall Setup For PC Tattletale
Learn how to configure your firewall for use with PC Tattletale internet monitoring software.

Common Tech Support Questions About PC Tattletale
A listing of the most common tech support related questions we get about PC Tattletale Parental control software

Password Reset Request For PC Tattletale Software
If you have lost or forgotten your PC tattletale control panel password, you can submit a password reset request here.

PC Tattletale Tech Activation Code Retrieval
Lost your PC Tattletale Activation Code? You can retrieve it here.

PC Tattletale Software Download Tech Support

Anti Virus Vendor Support Information
Having problems with your anti virus software? We've got their support numbers and contact information right here!

]PC Tattletale CD
Now you can order PC Tattletale internet monitoring software on CD!

PC Tattletale Internet Monitoring Software & Parental Control Software
PC Tattletale Parental control software & internet monitoring software for parents monitors teen chat rooms, instant messages, web sites, email and more. This Parental control tool gives parents to a key logger, internet filter, email recorder, and screen capture feature & offers the highest level of internet safety and Parental control.

Thinking Of Monitoring Your Children Online
PC Tattletale keeps parents informed about what children deal with at school.

Need Access To Your Child's Internet Activity
PC Tattletale monitors children to keep them safe from the dangers of the internet.

Need The Upper Hand In Protecting Your Children
Internet monitoring software that protects your children from cyber predators.

Is There More You Want To Know About Your Children
Parents learn more about their children with monitoring software.

Amazing Monitoring Tool For Online Activity
Records invaluable information with the best parental controls.

The Internet Can Have A Dangerous Influence On Children
PC Tattletale prevents children from accessing material that’s objectionable.

Children Sneek Out All The Time. Do Yours?
PC Tattletale is a superior internet monitoring system.

Need Easy To Use Monitoring Software
See exactly what your children see online and where they're accessing inappropriate content.

Where Do Your Children Go Online?
Monitoring software that let's parents see everything that happens on the computer and Internet.

Are Your Children Really Telling You The Truth?
PC Tattletale enables parents to control and monitor children’s computer usage.

Concerned About What Your Children Are Talking About In Chat Rooms
PC Tattletale aids parents in keeping children safe from internet dangers.

PC Tattletale Is An Excellent Way To Protect Children
When parents feel powerless in protecting their children PC Tattletale puts the power back into their hands.

Need A Child Proof Monitoring Solution
PC Tattletale alerts parents of questionable activity before it becomes a problem.

Have Your Children Been Accessing Inappropriate Material Online
PC Tattletale alerts parents to any unsuitable material.

Know Everything Your Children Do Online
Parental controls for recording and blocking objectionable material on the internet.

Want To Know Your Children's MySpace Password?
PC Tattletale is a great way to monitor teen internet usage.

Wondering About Your Children’s Onine Life?
Monitoring tools allow parents to take control of teen computer use.

Did Your Children Visit Any Dangerous Web Sites?
PC Tattletale gives parents control over their computer.

What Exactly Are Your Children Saying Online?
Monitoring tools alert parents of children’s MySpace activity.

Unsure About What Your Children Are Doing Online
PC Tattletale monitors all of the online activities children engage in.

Do Your Children To Sneak Out?
PC Tattletale’s parental controls and monitoring features are an excellent choice for children of all ages.

Protecting Children From Pornography
Monitoring tools keep a discreet eye on what children are up to.

Are Your Children's Friends A Bad Influence
Parental controls keep a secret eye on what teens are up to.

Do Your Children Behave Even When You're Not There?
Monitoring tools allow parents to monitor children’s email.

Discover What Your Children Are Hiding From You
PC Tattletale is an excellent way to block adult content.

Find Out What Your Children Are Really Doing Tonight
Prevent children from viewing pornography with parental control software.

Parental Controls Make Children More Responsible
Monitoring software with screenshots adds extra protection for children.

Monitor The Messages Your Children Receive Online
Parents are surprised what monitoring software and controls reveille about their teens.

Ever Wonder What Your Children Are Thinking?
PC Tattletale gives parents all the information they need to track children online activity.

Concerned About The Effects Of Pornography On Your Children?
Protect your children from the dangers of the internet with parental monitoring controls.

PC Tattletale Internet Monitoring Software Download
Click here to download the latest version of PC Tattletale parental control software and keep your kids safe online.

Problems downloading PC Tattletale?
If you are having any issues downloading PC Tattletale, chances are it's due to your internet security software blocking the download. Click here to see how to correct the issue.

Parenting Article Submissions Accepted
Submit your article on internet safety, Parental control or internet security for distribution, publication and promotion.

12 Internet Safety Tips
Here are the top 10 Internet Safety Tips parents can use to protecting their children when they go online

Parent's Guide To Cyber Safety For Kids
A parent's guide to cyber safety for children using the world wide web, chat rooms, instant messages or any other online activity

Family Chat Room Safety Tips
Parents, here are some guidelines that will go a long way towards helping you help your child stay out of trouble online

Parental Control Safety Tips For Parents
Protecting your children when they go online isn't as difficult as you may think. Here are some general Internet safety tips that parents can follow to help provide their children a safer online experience.

Internet Safety Pledge For Kids
Here's a great way to have an open talk with your kids about internet safety. Have them take the free internet safety pledge with you and they're more likely to be careful online.

Teen Online Acronyms
Teens use on acronyms as a type of textbased shorthand in order to communicate with their friends online.

Emoticons Used By Teens Online
Do you know what all those little characters your teen uses in their instant messages really mean? Here's a brief glossary of the most commonly used chat Emoticons

Internet Safety Risks Online
I find the safety risks to your children online isn't as easy as you may think. here are some tips to help you identify the most common Internet safety risks your child is likely to face.

Online Chat - Bad For Children?
Tips for parents on the best ways to help keep children safe when they are using Internet chat rooms, instant messaging, or peer-to-peer networks.

Are Your Children At Risk Online?
The key to online safety for children is parental awareness. Parents need to know what their children are doing online, where they go and what they see.

Protect Your Teens From Pornographic Material Online
with a vast amount of pornographic and inappropriate content available online, parents must supervise their child's online activity in order to protect them from both Internet pedophiles and online predators.

Are Children Really Solicited For Sex Online?
The reality is that your child will be solicited online for sex, it's only a matter of time. How you handle it and how you teach your child to handle it can make all the difference to their long-term psychological well-being.

Is The Internet Really That Dangerous For Children?
You bet! The FBI estimates that there are over one million pedophiles online at any given time, lurking in chat rooms and teen centric social networking communities.

Do Sexual Predators Live In Your Neighborhood?
The U.S. Congress passed three laws that require States to keep track of sex offenders; the Wetterling Registration Act, the Lynchner Tracking and Identification Act and Megan's Law.

Pornographers Tricking Kids
Because there is so much money involved in the porn industry, Webmasters resort to jeopardizing your child's emotional well-being just to make a buck

Instant Messaging and Chat Safety Tips
Quick tips for parents about children's online safety when they use IM's chat rooms or instant messages.

Letting children have an e-mail account
Should you let your child have they're own private e-mail account? The question flusters many parents. This report offers tips and suggestions for e-mail online safety.

Teen Chat Room Dangers
Help your child to learn caution when using instant messaging software and chat rooms online. Not everyone is who they say they are an Internet safety must come first.

Has Your Child Been A Victim?
It's not easy to tell if your child's been abused, stocked or victimize all on or off line. Here all are the top six warning signs parents need to be aware of

Safety Tips To Help Avoid Online Predator Dangers
what makes children online so susceptible to the advances of online sexual predators? Read this report to discover how your child really thinks.

Would You Know If Your Kids Surfing For Porn?
This Internet safety article shows parents both the dangers of unsupervised online access for their children, and gives tips on preventing children from pornography exposure online.

Cyber Stalking - How to Know If Your Child's a Victim
Cyber Stalking is now more prevalent than ever and just one of the Internet dangers your child is likely to face online.

Child Friendly Search Engines
Here's a list of the top ranked family-friendly search engines and tips on how to use them.

Understanding Your Options When Using Parental Controls
Picking the correct parental control software for your family doesn't have to be difficult if you understand your family's Internet safety needs.

Setting Up Search Engine Parental Controls
Today many search engines allow parents to set up parental control filters for search results.

Choosing The Best Parental Controls For Your Family
Knowing what type of parental controls for your family can be a difficult task if you have multiple children in the household.

Content Limiting As A Form Of Parental Controls
How placing restrictions on your child's online activity can help keep them safer when they go online; and your options as a parent for limiting that online access.

Internet Filtering Sofware - Does It Really Work?
Article about Internet Filtering Sofware, how it works and how parents can best usage protect their children online.

Internet Monitoring Software, How Does It Work?
Understanding how Internet monitoring and parental control software's worksmakes it easy for a parent or guardian to select what type of parental control software is best for their family.

Internet Privacy For Children?
Thinking about monitoring your teen with parental control software when they go online, but worried about invading their privacy? These Internet safety tips can make your decision easier.

Online Privacy For Children
As a parent you must weigh the need to keep your child safe online vs their personal privacy. But where do you draw the line?

Cyber Bullies - Are They Picking On Your Child?
Cyber bullying is now more prevalent than ever and can have a lifelong impact the psychological well-being of your child.

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PC Tattletale affilate program log in area

PC Tattletale Affiliate Program Stats Login
PC Tattletale Affiliates can click here to check their commission stats and traffic.

Open Your Eyes To What Your Children Are Really Doing
Monitoring software protects children from inappropriate content on the internet.

Control What Your Children Are Doing On MySpace
Monitoring software allows parents to see the sites children are visiting.

Might Your Children Be Spending To Much Time Online?
Monitoring what your children are doing online helps strengthen families.

Is Your Child In Danger Even In Your Own Home
Parental control software aids parents in combating internet safety issues.

Ever Worry About The Dangers Of MySpace For Your Kids?
Parental control software monitors children without them knowing.

Prevent Your Children From Becoming A Victim
Parental controls gain parents access to childrens email and membership passwords

Review All The Sites Your Children Visit
Monitoring software with comprehensive tools that cover all aspects of internet use

Do Your Children Have Poor Judgment
Monitoring software prevents teens from using services like AIM and MySpace inappropriately.

Wouldn't You Want Know Your Children Are Safe Online?
Parental control software solves family problems before they start.

Tired Of Guessing What Your Children Are Up To
Monitoring software helps parents deal with teen peer pressure.

Parents Gain Peace Of Mind Knowing What Children Do Online
Protect your children with parental control software.

Dpes Your Child Hide Inappropriate Instant Messages?
Monitoring software is a great way to ensure that your family stays safe.

Looking For A Non-Invasive Way To Protect Your Children
Parental controls give a family peace of mind knowing they are safe from predators.

Is Your Child Giving Away To Much Information On Myspace
Parental controls give a family peace of mind knowing their children aren’t in danger on MySpace.

Are Your Children Truly Safe Online?
PC Tattletale is easy to understand allowing any parent to monitor their children.

Many Teens Experimenti With Drugs, Do Yours?
PC Tattletale helps parents monitor and control what their children do online.

PC Tattletale Keeps Things From Getting Out Of Control
PC Tattletale makes you aware what peer pressures your children may be facing.

Who Are Your Children Sneaking Around With?
Parental controls to keep children from talking to people they don't know.

Worried About Predators On Myspace.com?
Amazing monitoring tool for online activity with screenshots.

Children Are Not As Innocent As Parents Think They Are
Monitoring software that can record your children's email password and messages.

Parents Feel Safe Knowing They Can Check On Their Children Any Time
Know exactly what is being discussed in chat rooms and what information is given out over the Interenet.

MySpace Is A Dangerous Place Unless Monitored Properly
Review all the internet content your children are viewing with parental control software.

Find Out What's Really Going On With PC Tattletale.
Using PC Tattletale put my mind at ease. I now know who my son chats with,what they say and of course the web sites he visits.

Adults Sometimes Pose As Children In Chat Rooms
Parents can protect and nurture children using PC Tattletale to supplement being with them 24 hours a day.

A Record Of Internet Usage Helps Parents Deal With Online Dangers
PC Tattletale an inexpensive way to monitor and record what children are looking at on the internet.

Want To Know Exactly What Children Are Doing Online?
Parental controls help monitor who your children’s friends are online.

Is Your Children In Danger Of Abduction?
PC Tattletale has all the features a parent needs to monitor their children’s online activity.

Show Children That Their Actions Have Consequences
Simple to use teen monitoring software, which records everything a parent needs to keep children safe.

Has Your Teen Been Involved In Illegal Activity?
Feel more at ease knowing you can monitor the activity of MySpace and other popular messaging services.

Single Parents Needing Help Protecting Their Children Online?
Putting children first by monitoring online activity helps parents stop worrying.

Who's Your Children Are Talking To Online?
PC Tattletale offers great insight into a child’s mind and bring families closer together.

Contacting PC Tattletale Sales
Do you have questions about PC Tattletale and need to speak to a live sales agent? No problem we're here to help!

Look Up Your PC Tattletale Activation Code
If you have lost your PC Tattletale parental control software activation code, you can look it up here automatically.

PC Tattletale Sales Affiliate Help Contact Info
Need to speak to a live sales operator before you buy PC Tattletale? No problem we're here to help!

PC Tattletale Anti Virus Notifications
Does your internet security software incorrectly tag PC Tattletale as spyware? If so, let us know here!

Starting PC Tattletale
Your child can't start PC Tattletale parental control software without both a hidden start command and a your password.

XP Fast User Switching and PC Tattletale
How to speed up your PC by turning off Fast User Switching in Windows XP.

Parental Controls Software Is Not Spyware
Many anti-virus and anti-spyware companies would have you think that PC Tattletale is spyware so they can sell more of thier security software. It's just not true. PC Tattletale is NOT spyware

Password Reset For The PC Tattletale Demo
If you are a demo user of PC Tattletale and have lost your password, click here to have it reset.

Reinstallation Support For PC Tattletale
Before reinstalling PC Tattletale internet monitoring software, please consult this helpful reinstallation guide online.

Password Reset Request - PC Tattletale Registered Users
If you are a registered subscriber of PC Tattletale internet recording software and have lost your password, click here to have it reset.

PC Tattletale Version 7 Download

Redownload PC Tattletale 8 PC Monitoring Software
Do you need to redownload and or reinstall PC Tattletale software due to formatting a hard drive, updating their current version or installing to a new PC?

How To Set A Norton 360 Anti Virus Exclusion For PC Tattletale
Are you one of those unlucky folks who can't stand Norton because it interfers with your parental controls? If so, click here to learn how to exclude PC Tattletale from Norton 360

Dangerous Cyber Stalking Happens To Teens Too.
What to watch out for if your teenager is a victim of cyber stalking, and what you should do as a parent

Free MySpace Report for Parents
Get your own MySpace Monitor report branded with your affilate ID today.