Screen Shot Capture Video Surveillance:

Every time your child starts their computer and goes online PC Tattletale Parental control software goes to work, automatically taking screen shots of everything they do on-line so you can monitor what they do and keep them safe.

These screen shots are automatically saved in a hidden password protected directory on the hard drive for you to review later when the child is away.

Powerful DVR / VCR Like Controls Make Playback Easy:

PC Tattletale's DVR/VCR like controls & playback makes it as simple as clicking the “PLAY” button to watch EVERYTHING your child did when they were online!

You can skip ahead, rewind, move to a specific date and time, and even print individual screen shots!

Screen Shot Recording

  • Records EVERYTHING shown on the computer screen.

  • Time and Date that the screen capture was taken.

  • When the Windows user logged on when screen capture was taken.

  • Easy to use VCR style playback controls.

  • Print individual screen shots.

  • Special "cache purge" technology prevents overfilling your hard drive.

Working just like a secret digital surveillance camera, PC Tattletale's "screen captures" records exactly what your children are seeing on their computer screen.

PC Tattletale Gives You a Detailed Recorded Visual History Of:

  • Every web site and chat site visited.

  • Every Instant message and chat window.

  • All email messages.

  • Any and all software programs used.

  • And even the keystrokes your child typed.

Plus, you have total control over how often you want the program to take a screen shot. AND with PC Tattletale's special "cache purge" technology, captured screen shots and log files won't overfill your hard-drive!

Finally, with PC Tattletale's special "cache purge" technology you never have to worry about slowing down your PC because captured screen shots and log files won't overfill your hard-drive! Works with Internet Explorer and FireFox too!

Our Promise To Parents Is Simple:

PC Tattletale will give you valuable insight into your child's behavior online, and the peace of mind to know exactly where they are surfing online & what kind of content they are trying to access. If not, return it for a full refund.

PC Tattletale is backed by our 100% money back guarantee!

Take control of your child's online experiences and keep them safe.

PC Tattletale Parental Control Software

Use this Internet Monitoring Software and you'll never need to guess.

Order your copy of PC Tattletale today.

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Note: Your purchase of one (1) PC Tattletale registration key lets you
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