PC Tattletale Can Help Protect Your Children:

"Yes - I recommend PC Tattletale! I told my children I was putting tattletale on our computer. Knowing that I am monitoring has worked well.

Before PC Tattletale I found them on sites I didn't approve of occasionally, but with PC Tattletale they stay away from those sites.

PC tattletale has made me feel much more comfortable with my children being online. I don't feel like they are going to be the targets of the many bad things that I know can happen on the net."

Oscar Kitchell, OR

"The latest information about FaceBook, MySpace, etc in addition to the publicity about chat rooms and unmonitored IM among children and others who pose as children made my wife and me decide we need to monitor much more closely.

PC Tattletale had everything we wanted. We need to mandate accountability in our children and they need to know that the internet is not a private site--that everything they do and say is monitored by someone, and it might as well be their parents catching them before something wrong happens.

It (PC Tattletale) is easy to use and monitors our children's every move. This will let us keep our children safe, teach them important lessons so they don't fall, and also let them learn that honesty and morality are always better than sneaking around accompanied by borderline behavior.

Our job as parents is to protect and nurture our children, and PCTattleTale is the best extension tool we have found to supplement our being with them 24 hours a day."

Steve Long, VA

"I absolutely endorse PC Tattletale! As parents we have the right to know exactly what our children are doing on the internet.

It's nothing different than getting to know their friends and find out what they are doing.

The internet is great but also can be very dangerous, and PC Tattletale has helped me understand my child's way of thinking and also be on the watch out mode for friends that I don't want her hanging out with."

Diego, CA

"I am one of the computer experts in my Church and I have received many inquires regarding how to monitor child activities.

I did some research and selected your product because it looked like it would do what others in my Church are looking for. It does and I am now recommending it to others. I also am considering to hold some educational sessions to help them install and use your software effectively.

The screen captures feature has given me great insight into usage of the family PC. We home school and this feature has helped us to discover and correct times when some of our kids were "playing games" during school time instead of actively doing their school work.

Clyde S Harmes IV. PA

"PC Tattletale is a great tool for other parents to keep up with there children. Any final comments’ PC Tattletale has help me find out what my child was doing online and who she was talking to.

PC Tattletale has become a very important tool for our family."

Jonny B., GA

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