Intercept Sexual Content With PC Tattletale:

"In the past kids communicated by face or phone. In today's environment kids text their friends by cell phone and instant messaging. This gives the kids a sense of anonymity and they feel they can say inappropriate things that would never had been said in public. 

Because we monitor we can inform other parents of inappropriate behavior, we can delete access from those whose language we don't approve of, and lastly we know when others have made solicitations of a minor. 

Because of PC Tattletale we are able to access our daughters myspace. In one incident we intercepted a sex solicitation from an adult dealt with it and removed it before our daughter ever new it existed."

Joel Sadler, UT

"PC Tattletale is really good tool to monitor the activity online and the capture of the chat screen is incredible. I am able to see what sites my child is visiting and be able to monitor all information to protect her."

Leslye Clayborne, TX

"(Using your software) I found out my daughters password and possibly saved her life.

After viewing the content of my daughters MySpace account I had her put on a 72 hour hold by mental health.

She had planed to commit suicide and was doing things that 12 year old girls shouldn't do."

Jonnie Motola, CA.

"This software does a great job of monitoring what the child is doing while online. I am able to keep an eye on who my daughter is talking to, and can then discuss anything questionable with her."

Heather Testa, MI

"My husband and I became concerned when we found our son talking to someone on the phone that he had talked to online.

He has a curfew of when he needs to sign off the computer. This particular night he signed of when he was suppose to but the person suggested they continue the conversation on the phone. This was not acceptable to us at all. 

It (PC Tattletale) is a wonderful way to check on your teenager. I know it might seem like an invasion of their privacy, but my feelings are, if they aren't doing anything questionable they have nothing to worry about, and it puts the parents mind at ease. 

I did not use it to spy on my son and his friends, because I understand they are young teenagers, and a lot of the things that were said among friends was just kids trying to impress each other. 

It was the strangers my son was talking to that I was concerned about. And that was where we found the questionable and inappropriate conversations. 

I feel PC Tattletale let us get a handle on what was going on in our teens life and hopefully we have got a handle on who and what he does online. 

Since downloading this program there have been no more arguments and accusations. Before the download our son would click out what ever was being said if my husband or I would walk by. 

That was a definite clue to letting us know something was going on. He did not want us to see. 

Now he realizes he is responsible for what is said on line and we will check."

Sandra, CA

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