Parents See Inside Children's Minds With PC Tattletale:

"Yes, It is a non-invasive way to monitor your child's friends, opinions, and talk. It's a good way to get into their My Space without having to log in. 

PC Tattletale helps me get inside her mind and see her preferences. I have, so far, been pleased with our daughter's decisions. When I see a dangerous trend, it helps me come up with thoughtful talks with my daughter.

Sometimes I am very saddened to see the culture taking such a dark and negative turn; but knowledge is power to help guide our children."

Kathleen B. Guinn, NC

"My child completely changed personality involving behavior and actions at home and school. Several members of my family were acting suspiciously on the internet and quickly closing pages when I or other adults came into the room. 

I would recommend PCTT because I feel it located several problems that were developing within my home and it gave me control back and a tool to handle the issues.

I have been able to nip drug experimenting, teenage sexual issues, family issues, and stop my family from being involved in chats and web viewing that are objectionable, and discover my whole family needed family counseling and have brought us back from a large void in our family relationships."

William Brown, NY

"My child is left alone certain times of the day and becoming more active on the computer. I felt this is the best way to keep my child in check when I am unavailable to monitor activity.

PC Tattletale shows material that you might otherwise miss. This software has helped. I would not have realized what was going on otherwise."

Deanne, PA

"My child was having problems with a boy and his mother and I wanted to be able to record any conversations they tried to have with her.
Also, she likes to go to myspace.

I like PC Tattletale because you can monitor and restrict what your child does on the pc and keep them safe. I like that I get all her conversations and passwords to myspace.

If a predator or someone threatens that safety, I am aware and I also have the proof."

Nancy Long, NY

"My daughter had a MySpace account and was reluctant to give me her password.  Additionally, I saw evidence of some inappropriate sites being visited, and although I was pretty sure they were popup's, I wanted to verify that was the case.

PC Tattletale helps us keep our kids accountable. We've taught them to turn away from evil, however, we can all be easily sucked down the wrong path. 

By knowing what they are doing and what sites they are visiting or even what they're searching for on the net, we can better know what subjects to bring up in casual conversation, without a confrontation.

Again, it's the accountability and less confrontation. It also gives me more insight into my teenagers, that they may want me to know, but don't know how to communicate to me."

Stephanie Johnson, IN

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