PC Tattletale Keeps Parents Informed:

"I never would have thought that my child was in danger sitting in his own living room. But you just don't know who they are chatting with or what they are doing unless you have a birds eye view.

PC Tattletale gives you that view and a great deal of insight into what really goes on with your children when they enter cyberspace.

I found out that my child was involved in outrageous sex chat. I would have never known without this software.

PC Tattletale has opened the door for some very serious discussions in our family and has put a stop on the chat sessions."

Tim, Nova Scotia

"I would recommend PC Tattletale for "peace of mind". For the cost of monitoring your child(ren)...would it be worth it compared to something horrible happening to them.

It's money worth spending to protect my child and her activity online. My daughter didn't know the program was installed on her pc. With the program running for approximately 3 days--it was time for me to check in and see what was going on.

Seems like an 11 yr old knows a whole lot more than I thought for sure.

What I read nearly knocked me off the chair. I opened a whole new door with my daughter.

I showed her the program and told her what the program does. She understands completely.

They just had a workshop in my daughter's school pertaining to "Internet Safety".

My daughter couldn't believe that what I told her about online...came up in exact words with the police officer that did the seminar.

The seminar contained information about dealing with child predators, inappropriate provocative poses, and alterations of photo's. It also covered web sites like MYSPACE.COM hazards."

Selena, NJ

"I feel using PC Tattletale allows her (my daughter) freedom to make good choices, but lets us know if she does not.

I feel we can keep her safer with this program.

We've learned that we may need to overlook some of the "normal" stuff 12 year olds say to each other and use this as a tool to look for things that are potentially dangerous, like talking to strangers or giving out too much personal information to anyone.

12 year old girls believe anything they're told and want to be grown up ...a dangerous combination!

Terri, KY

"You can find out everything that your child is doing outside of the home and find out what his friends are also doing.

Using this software has helped me to realize that my son is doing things wrong and so are his friends.

Since the death of my husband 2 years ago, my son has had a lot of problems. I am able to find out just what is going on with my son.

When he chats to his friends, they tell all."

Carrie, PA

"I already have recommended PC Tattletale to a local group called Moms in Touch International, a group that prays for our kids every week.

PC Tattletale is an awesome tool for worried and aware parents. PC Tattletale gives me the opportunity to track my son's activity without invasive action or argument, and leaves us both trusting each other more."

Kim, NH

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