PC Tattletale Exposes Teens Secrets:

"I consider monitoring my children's activities on the computer to have saved one of my children lives or from being abducted.

My 2nd oldest daughter, when she was 13, (She turned 14 in April) had a chat with someone in a kid's chatroom. He wrote to her that he was around 16 years old and in High School. He also lied about his location.

After a while he wrote her a personal e-mail with things that a 13 year old shouldn't have read but made it sound like he wanted to be her boyfriend, etc.

After doing some research on the computer myself, I found out this guy was 32 years old and lived in the same city as us! I was in shock and I admit, Upset!"

Name withheld by request

PC Tattletale is the best parental control I have seen; with the added benefit that it also records activity so I can see where my kids are going and what they are doing.

If I don't watch my kids and correct them when they are wrong then they will think that their actions have no consequences.

PCTT has enabled me to give them more freedom on the web and teaches them to use their good judgment in selecting what they do online.

They know they will be held accountable for their actions, and if they get into something they shouldn't then PC tattletale is there as a safety net to allow me to protect them from something that might harm them.

Paul M.

"PC Tattletale keeps you informed on what your have to children deal with at school and helps you to understand situations and also provides material to discuss with them.

I love being able to easily read their emails and chatting. It has brought up situations to discuss with our son regarding the use of bad language, the issues dealt with at school with friends, etc. I love it. Also, it is very easy to use."

Kathy F. FL

"With PC Tattletale I was aware that my 17 year old niece was planning on leaving to meet a "music producer" who was arranging a plane ticket for her.

That meeting never took place. The only way she was leaving my house was with her mother! Without PC Tattletale I would never have known.

Karen, OH

"Using PC Tattletale I learned that my daughter was talking to too many people she didn't know,and that she was experimenting with pot."

Sherri, FL

"PC Tattletale allowed me to see every IM between my fiancee and other women, plus the exact web sites he tried to visit, and every key typed into the keyboard so I could monitor his every action.

I thought it was invading his internet privacy, but come to find out, it only helped our relationship in the long run. When he was caught, he had realized he done something terribly wrong."

Chelsea G, IN.

"In this day and age you can never be to careful, we have to keep our children safe at all times when possible. Its a good way to keep an eye on all family members. It's helped me keep my children safe."

Alexandra, UK

"I needed more control of my 16 year old's internet activity. With PC Tattletale, I like the way you can look up their chat information and their emails and all their keystrokes.

It has given me a sense of security knowing that my son has not been misbehaving on the internet.

Tony Moretti, MO

" I feel it is vital that we protect our children, but we have to know who the enemy" is!

I have already recommended it over a dozen times & I've only had PC Tattletale for one month. My daughter was prohibited from visiting myspace.com, after monitoring her activity,

I found out she not only visits it (pretty much daily) but has her own site!I am still debating on how & when to approach this with her. I have also found that she is not being truthful about where she is at times."

Kim Meek, CA

"Just knowing he was being monitored, made my son and his friends behave. I also found that this software is very convenient for monitoring IMs."

K. Truland, NJ

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