Family Internet Safety Tips:

Traveling the Internet can be a fun and exciting adventure for her children, but left to their own devices teenagers often make unwise decisions when it comes to what they should and should not be doing online.

To make sure that your child gets off on the right foot when going online, start by making the Internet a family experience. Monitor your child's Internet use and discuss what constitutes "Internet safety" as part of that experience.

Keep the discussion light, without going into unneeded graphic detail, explain the dangers your child faces one online. remember you're not trying to scare them. Instead you're trying to inform them.

The problem most parents have is that they're teenagers just don't believe anything that Mom and Dad says.

So before having the conversation take some time and do a little investigative research on your own finding examples of children who found themselves in a dangerous sometimes deadly position unfortunately are easy to find online.

As a parent here are some guidelines that will go a long way towards helping you help your child stay out of trouble online:

  1. If you choose to allow your child to use chat rooms or instant messaging, make sure that you know who your child to speaking with.

  2. Insist that they use only moderated chat rooms, and consider keeping your Internet computer in public place (e.g. the family room).

  3. Never let your child have their own computer with Internet access in their bedroom.

  4. To be extra safe you might even consider putting a standalone Parental control filter on you computer or use the Parental control access controls that may come with some Internet Service providers (e.g. AOL's Parent Controls for example).

  5. Be sure the children know how to protect both they are and your family's privacy.

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