Cyber Stalking - Dangerous Business For Teens Online:

In plain and simple terms, cyber stalking is a form of harassment done over the Internet in chat rooms, instant messages, log posts and on social networking sites

Cyber stalking is a broad based term that can refer to the online enticement of children; vulgar or threatening messages; slanderous information; or repeated, unwanted messages.

You or your children should never respond to these types of messages or threats. Doing so will often serve only to inflame the problem, making it worse and causing more drastic or dangerous activity by the cyber stalker.

If you have a child that is a victim of a cyber stalker, as a parent you must act immediately to protect them by doing whatever it takes to ensure the safety of your child.

While it's true that most stalking both on and off line amounts to little more than a psychological fixation on the part of the stalker, we are all familiar with cases where that fixation became an obsession that ended in tragic consequences.

If you have teens in the house who are being victimized this way, they should be encouraged to report these kinds of incidents to you immediately or to another trusted adult like a teacher or school councilor who can decide if the online service provider or the authorities should be contacted.

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