Parental Control Via Content Limiting Software:

One of the many options to consider when choosing to use Parental control software are those software programs that offer "content limiting" capabilities.

Content limiting simply means that the software is capable of enforcing restrictions set by the parent or computer administrator.

These restrictions determined how long and or how often and individual user can remain online, and or what functions can be performed on the computer.

Some Parental control software is able to limits limit the types of programs that can be accessed, restrict folders in the even PC access altogether.

By allowing the administrator to set up a list of authorized programs - including games, parents can easily take back control of how often their children use the computer.

the downside to content limiting is that many the gym it sources of content are restricted accidentally.

For example, if you've set your computer parental control software to restrict access to various keywords that you might deem to be inappropriate for children, the software very possibly will block access to legitimate content accidentally.

on example would be perhaps your daughter is doing a report for school on breast cancer awareness month. However you have set your parental controls and content limiting to restrict access to that contain the word "breast."

in this case the parental control software would be correct in restricting access to any web page that contains the word "breasts" even though the content is not pornographic.

it's important that parents understand the limitations of content filtering or content limiting type parental controls. Otherwise, their experience will be frustrating and less than ideal.

The reality is that in today's world Internet filtering and content limiting as a catchall solution is not practical.

Parents understandably want to protect their children from seeing various types of content that they deem inappropriate or pornographic.

However, a much better solution is a combination of parental rules and Internet monitoring software.

By establishing ground rules, parents establish a level of expectation in the child's behavior. And by using Internet monitoring software like PC tattletale, parents are able to determine whether or not the child is being faithful to those rules

Take control of your child's online experiences and keep them safe.

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