"Should I Allow My Child To Use Online Chat?"

Maybe. It really depends on your child. You see, chat rooms are the most common place kids find themselves getting into trouble.

Online predators often hang out in children's chat room and passed themselves off as a child in the hopes of getting some personal information from one or more children.

If you decide to let your child participate in chat or instant message sessions, you should insist that they use a monitored chat room that is being administrated by responsible adults and rated "G."

In addition, AOL & MSN both offer moderated chat rooms as do some other sites. To find these, just do a search on google for "moderated chat rooms," "family friendly chat room." or even "Internet safe chat."

The important point to remember however is that just because the chat room is monitored does not mean that it's 100% Child safe.

So as a final precaution should you allow your child participate in chat rooms, it's a good idea to spend some time in that chat room and keep watch over the conversation over a period of time.

If your child objects to your presence because of the lack of privacy, they may be trying to hide something from you.

Take control of your child's online experiences and keep them safe.

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