Parental Control Software Keeps Your Kids Safe Online

Remember all of the stuipd things you did when you were a kid that YOUR parents never found out about? 


Well that was before the dangers of the Internet came along...

And that alone is reason enough why you need to monitor your child's activites when they go online.

PC Tattletale parental control software sees and RECORDS exactly what their kids are doing online for your later review.

And that alone is reason enough why you need to monitor your child's activites when they go online.

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"Remember, it's not snooping, it's protecting what's most valuable to you."

"My child was involved in cyber sex with adult males posing as teenaged boys.

PC Tattletale put the Internet sex to a grinding halt. My daughter tried to figure out a way around the program, but was unable to because of the password safeguards."

Jill Sipe, MI

PC Tattletale Parental Controls Keeps Informed:

PC Tattletale parental control software sees and RECORDS exactly what their kids are doing online for your later review.

It remembers all of the things your kids are doing on the PC so you aren't flying blind like your parents did.

The truth is that your children (no matter how mature) are realy just too young or inexperienced to truly understand the dangers out there and you don't want to always be watching over their shoulder (not visibly, at least.)

PC Tattletale keeps tabs on what they do and what they see for you.  It's easily installed in minutes (and you won't even have to ask them for help!), it does the rest for you automatically.

An All-In-One Suite of Parental Controls & Internet Monitoring Tools

PC Tattletale provides a all-in-one Parental Control Software & Internet monitoring solution that's easy to use and powerful too.

Screen Shot RecordingScreen Shot Recording

Screen Shots Captures - PC Tattletale's easy to use video controls make playbackas simple as clicking the “PLAY” button to watch EVERYTHING your child did when they were online!

PC Tattletale even differentiates screen captures by each user and and when they logged in.

So you can spend your time viewing only one particualr child or several in your household.

Password Capture and Keylogging Password Capture and Keylogger Recording

Keystroke Logger - Records every single keystroke your child types including their social meadia site passwords!

Also captures "hidden characters" and true keystrokes too - including MySpace and FaceBook account passwords.

Internet Chat RecorderBuilt In Chat Recorder

Powerful Chat Recorder Technology - Records every chat sessions or Instant message your child sends or receives!

You'll be able to captures both sides ANY conversation from AOL Chat Rooms and Instant Messenger, AOL Triton ICQ Chats, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, and even!

MySpace MonitoringMonitors MySpace.Com

PC Tattletale makes it easy to keep tabs on what your child is doing on and other social networking web sites.

Using a combination of our propitary screen capture and key stroke recording technology, PC Tattletale let's you see exactly what your children post on their accounts.

You'll even see what their password is, what they are say when they use the My Space to chat, and instant message features.

Email MonitoringEmail Monitoring & Reporting

Email Monitoring - PC Tattletale can even send you copies of your child's emails in REAL TIME so you'll know what's going on even if you're at the office!

PC Tattletale captures both in AND outbound mail from: Outlook & Outlook Express, AOL Email, Eudora, SMTP/POP3 Email, MS Exchange Email, Hotmail, Yahoo Email, MSN System Email and Google GMail accounts.

Web Site History Monitor

PC Tattletale tracks each and every web site your child visits when you're not there to watch over their shoulder. Plus it also gives you the tools to do all your monitoring invisibly too.

Program MonitoringPC Software Monitoring

PC Tattletale records the name of any installed software program the your child uses, when that program was used and how long that program was active.

Web FilteringURL Specific Web Filtering

URL Specific Web Filtering & keyword blocking -- Specify any web site that you want blocked.

Then if your child tries to go to a web site that contains that keyword, PC Tattletale displays a "404 Page not found error.

Hidden OperationTotal Stealth Operation

"Stealth Technology" -- After installationPC Tattletale will not show up in the Windows Start Menu, Desktop, Task Manager, Program Files Folders, or even the Add/Remove programs menu!

PC Tattletale is TOTALLY invisible to anyone but YOU!

PC Tattletale Parental control software contains all the PC control software tools you'll need to keep your child safe - in a single easy to use software suite!

"My teenage daughters were posting 'questionable' pictures on their My Space accounts, and hiding them so that I did not see them.

One of them even made a video and posted it. Using PC Tattletale I immediately found out and made them take all that stuff off the internet.

They still have no idea how I know, because I use the stealth setting on PC Tattletale. It is an awesome tool!

Cheri, VA.

The Internet Really Is Too Dangerous For a Child To Be Unsupervised

Is your young child, teenage son or daughter talking to someone or seeing something they shouldn't?

Without Parental monitoring software you have no way of knowing what your kids do or where they go when they're online.

And even if they are not supposed to, we all know that your child WILL go online unsupervised if they think that no one will find out!

PC Tattletale Helps Protect Your Children When They're Online

No matter how much you trust your child to do the right thing, there are just too many peer pressures and other dangers lurking in cyberspace for you to give them unsupervised access to the net - but it happens.

Do NOT risk your child becoming a potential victim. Allowing them use the Internet unsupervised, is just asking for trouble, and that's why you need Parental control software like PC Tattletale.

Take Control of Your Child's Online Experiences and Keep Them Safe

PC Tattletale Parental Control Software

Use this Internet Monitoring Software and you'll never need to guess.

Order your copy of PC Tattletale today.

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We guarantee that if PC Tattletale Parental Control & PC Monitoring Software doesn't give you a window into your child's online world, and the peace of mind to know exactly what they see, where they go & who they talk to, then we'll issue a complete 100% refund!

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PC Tattletale Reviews

PC Tattletale's results can be as good as finding a finger print at the scene of the crime."

Kathy Meunier

"Thanks for your great service. I will tell my friends about your PC Tattletale program.

Thanks a million!!!"

Maria Passion

"Many thanks, PC Tattletale is a great program for my peace of mind."

D. Frank

"I decided to purchase this program instead of others that were cheaper because your tech support people were so helpful during my trial. They were quick to respond to my requests and very friendly.

I will refer PC Tattletale to my friends!"

Jenna Dombrowski

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