PC Tattletale Parental Control Software FAQ:

We know you must have questions about our Internet Monitoring Software for parents. So, we've listed the most common questions we receive below.

Just scan the list below and when you see a question that you'd like an answer too, simply click that link.

Is there a difference between PC Tattletale & other monitoring software?

The big deference is value. PC Tattletale offers all of the very same features found in programs costing TWICE the price!

If you’re a parent who needs to monitor the Internet activity of your children, then you need a powerful, easy to use all in one product that gives you all the features you need in one program for one price.

With PC Tattletale, you don’t need to buy multiple programs like you do with our competitors.

PC Tattletale gives you the power to see:

  • Their entire online activity and what they do online in EXACT detail

  • What E-mails they sent and received

  • What chat conversations they had

  • Which instant messages they sent or read

  • What web sites they visited

  • Even which keystrokes typed and software programs they used

And rather then charge you extra for several different programs to do all this, we’ve built it all into ONE program – PC Tattletale.

Is PC Tattletale like Internet filtering programs like Net Nanny?

No absolutely not. Our personal opinion is that while general web filters can be effective, they fail often and don’t catch the web sites you want your kids shielded from.

Plus, they can accidentally prevent you or your children from visiting other completely innocent sites that trigger “false positive” blocking responses.

This is why PC Tattletale software is a complete suite of monitoring AND url specific filtering tools combined into a single “All-In-One” suite of easy to use monitoring tools.

PC Tattletale is first and foremost a “monitoring program.”

If your sole goal is “web filtering” then we suggest: http://www.cyberpatrolsoftware.com

Does PC Tattletale monitor sites like MySpace.com & FaceBook?

You bet! In fact this new feature is one of our best yet!

PC Tattletale captures your child’s MySpace.com logon name and password and then logs them to email monitoring log of PC Tattletale for your review.

Now you can monitor your child’s MySpace.Com account via the screen captures function OR by actually logging into their actual MySpace.com account directly using the captured log in password.

1.) PC Tattletale will capture the username/password and place it in the emails section of PC Tattletale.

If PC Tattletale’s reflex email option is turned on, you will also get sent an email with the username/password to your child’s MySpace account.

2.) PC Tattletale ALSO records reading and sending of emails. When it gets the read emails, you’ll see a picture of the person their kid is talking too! *(Internet Explorer only)

What’s the difference between the shareware trial and the full versions?

Other then the seven day time limit on the trial version, there is no difference between the free trial and paid version. They work exactly the same.

When you purchase the software you’ll be issued an “activation key” that you’ll use to “unlock” the free trial you already have installed.

The activation key lifts the time limit restriction from the free trial and unlocks unrestricted access to the software.

Order your activation PC Tattletale key here

How does PC Tattletale protect my child from Internet pedophiles?

One of the biggest deterrents pedophiles face is the fear getting caught, and the threat and danger of being arrested.

And while PC Tattletale can’t stop predatory pedophiles from hunting for children on the Internet, it does offer a substantial safeguard for your children by allowing you to monitory their Internet activity.

If a pedophile has an online conversation with your child, PC Tattletale records that conversation, including any incriminating evidence as well as any personal or contact information they may give to your child.

PC Tattletale can even capture the pictures of who your kids might be chatting with in MySpace.com. You’ll be able to read BOTH sides of the conversation.

Now you can see if your child has been approached or had a conversation with someone they shouldn’t, you’ll be able to act accordingly and report them to local law enforcement AND prevent them from contacting your child again.

Isn’t it wrong to “spy” on my kids?

No. Of course some people may disagree, but we KNOW that in today’s “sexually charged” environment, it’s only a matter of time until your child is exposed to things, people or situations that they shouldn’t.

When you are monitoring your child’s online activities, you’re not spying, you’re acting as a responsible parent and taking charge of the people and images that assault your child everyday.

To those people who might disagree with us and insist that using a software like PC Tattletale is “spying”; to them we say “If i keeps your child safe, so what?”

If “spying” on what your kids do online, helps keeps them and my family safe, then no harm no foul.

Even if you aren’t concerned about online sex offenders (and you should be) teen peer pressure is extremely intense these days. Monitoring your children will help them keep out of trouble too.

I want to protect my children, but I feel guilty spying on them.

We understand, but to put it very bluntly – you need to get over it. The Internet is NOT a safe place for children to venture alone, and teen peer pressure can cause your children to do something stupid – and you already know that or you wouldn’t be reading this now.

It’s a harsh question to ask, but how “guilty” are you going to fee if you don’t monitor their activities and something bad happens?”

It’s a scary thought. So rather then be scared, be proactive and protect your children today with PC Tattletale.

Should I tell my kids that I am monitoring them?

It’s a matter of personal choice and should be determined by the kind of relationship you have with your child.

Some older children may resent it, thinking that you’re invading their privacy, while others won’t care one way or another. You really have to weigh the benefits verses the risks of divulging that sort of information.

We know that’s not the answer you were looking for, but the real answer is too individual to make a generic statement that covers everyone.

Many Parents have told us that they did tell their children about monitoring them and doing so fostered an new and open communication between them.

From a legal standpoint, children under the age of 18 have no legal right to Parental privacy, so you may monitor them without their consent.

On the other hand if you intend on monitoring anyone 18 or older the law states that you must tell them before hand.

If I tell my kids, won’t they try to circumvent the software.

Of course they will. But it will do them little good due to PC Tattletale’s unique “Stealth” feature.

When installed AND registered, PC Tattletale software gives NO evidence that it’s running in the background, or that it’s even been installed.

When upgrading in “Stealth” mode, PC Tattletale does not show up on the “Start button”, as an Icon, in the Windows system tray, or appear in Windows Programs folder, Windows task list, and cannot be uninstalled without the PC Tattletale password.

Additionally PC Tattletale will not slow down the operation of the computer it is recording, so it’s completely invisible when in use.

Do you offer parenting advice too?

Yes, to a degree but there are limits. We of course consulted with child psychology experts and educators and experts in the filed when we designed PC Tattletale software, but we are software designers so our expertise is experiential, not clinical.

Having said that, there are times when parents find themselves at a cross roads with their teens and don’t know where to turn or what to do next.

Dr. Sam Hackworth is a member of our advisory board and is a recognized expert in child psychology and consults with parents every day on the issues that parents face when rearing teens.

With almost 20 years of clinical experience to draw upon to answer your questions he has seen thousands of children, from toddlers to teens.

Parents have come to him with the widest range of emotional, behavioral, academic, and other problems.

So, whatever your question is about, from basic parenting and child-rearing, to helping your child cope with the death of a loved one, to the difficulties typically encountered by adolescents, and on and on, Dr. Hackworth is well-prepared to help.

How soon can I get my copy of PC Tattletale to protect my children?

PC Tattletale is available right now via web download. Using our secure server, you can purchase, download, install and begin using PC Tattletale in less than 10 minutes, even if you download using a 28K modem!

Click Here to order and download PC Tattletale now.

Can I use PC Tattletale and an Internet filtering program at the same time?

Yes you can, but due to PC Tattletale’s unique web site blocking filter, doing so may be a waste of your computers system resources.

Is PC Tattletale available on CD?

Yes it is. You can order it here.

But honestly you may be better off downloading the software instead. Because no matter when you download and or purchase your copy, you will always have the most recent and updated version.

You may of course download the PC Tattletale set up a program and burn it to CD for safekeeping if you’d like.

Will PC Tattletale work with my other PC software?

Of course! PC Tattletale records PC software activity for all of your applications. This includes your word processor, spreadsheets, financial programs, databases, communications, games and even the FireFox web browser.

Whatever program is run on the monitored PC, PC Tattletale will record it for you automatically.

If you are concerned about how much time your kids are spending playing games, worry no more because now you’ll be able to see precisely how much time they are spending gaming with PC Tattletale.

Please note: Fire Fox is an open source web browser that purports to be more secure then Internet Explore. PC Tattletale’s reflex email technology will not email captured email reports from web based services like hotmail.

In instead of this reporting parents can still see all web based chats and emails by using PC Tattletale’s VCR style Screen Capture function.

For Fire Fox Support that you’ll need the PC Tattletale plug in. To install simply go to the URL below USING Firefox.


Does PC Tattletale monitor all user accounts?

Unlike some other Parental control programs that offer confusing and hard to configure settings for each individual user, PC Tattletale is unique in that once installed to a PC, it will monitor everyone using that PC.

This is especially helpful for families that have multiple children to monitor and to all use the same PC.

Of course parents do not need to monitor their own activity and therefore can easily turn off “active recording” with a simple click a button when they use the family PC, and then reactivate recording when they’re log off. You can also set up the software’s built in scheduler to record computer activity only during certain times of the day – like when only your children are using the monitored PC.

Can I install an use the software on a network?

No. You can not access a PC monitored by PC Tattletale remotely or over a network. Nor can you install the software remotely.

To view recorded activity you need to be at the monitored computer or use the PC Tattletale Reflex Mailer to send you captured reports.

Does PC Tattletale use up a lot of hard drive space?

Not at all, because PC Tattletale’s special “cache purge” technology prevents captured screen shots and log files from overfilling your hard-drive!

You see, PC Tattletale automatically calculates how much free space you have left on your hard drive for screen shots, and the tells you how many hours of recording it can capture based on the available hard drive space left on your computer.

A typical 8-hour day of recording ONLY uses about 10-20M of hard disk space.

What type of net connection is best to use with PC Tattletale?

It makes no difference whether your connection is via AOL, modem dial-up, cable modem, DSL, or just using a proxy server or local area network connection, PC Tattletale works with all types of internet connections.

What if I have to more than two computers?

Your purchase of one (1) PC Tattletale registration key entitles you to use the software on TWO computers at NO extra charge.

But, if you’re one of those families that has more than two computers, you can purchase additional PC Tattletale registration codes at 50% off.

Is PC Tattletale easy to install and use?

You bet! PC Tattletale is very easy to install and use. It’s basically just a point and click installation.

PC Tattletale practically installs itself and installation takes just a few minutes. Once installed, you control how and WHEN the program operates with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Do I need to turn off my firewall when I use PC Tattletale.

No, absolutely not. You may however need to tell your firewall to allow PC Tattletale if you want PC Tattletale to send you email reports of your child’s chat and email history.

What are the system requirements for PC Tattletale to work on my PC?

You must be running Windows operating system like:

* Windows Media Center – 2K – XP – 2K3 – Vista – Windows 7

* 500 Mhz or higher Intel or AMD processor – 1GB RAM or higher

* 56.k (or faster) Internet Connection

* 60 MB free hard drive space Internet

* Explore OR Firefox web browsers

* 512 MB of RAM that is the minimum requirement for the proper operation of the software.

Running PC Tattletale on a computer with less than 512 MB of RAM or if you are running memory intensive programs like Norton Anti-Virus, may require you lower the frequency of automatic screen captures.

(For the Mac version click here)

Please note: PC Tattletale runs well with 256MB of memory, but we like to see 512MB of memory or more for optimal performance.

Available memory allocation is limited by how many OTHER programs you have set to automatically load from the windows start up folder. Running too many other programs at the same time and eat up available memory resources and cause your PC to run slowly.

After I order, do I need to re-download or reinstall the software?

No. Once you’ve installed PC Tattletale, there is nothing else you need to download or install.

When you’re ready to lift the trial time limit restrictions (on the free demo), simply order an activation code.

There is NO need to re-download or reinstall anything!

Order your PC Tattletale activation key here.

I forgot my log in password – what do I do?

If you’ve reset or forgotten your PC Tattletale control panel password, you can have it reset it.

Just follow the directions here: Password rest request.

Will I need to configure my Anti-Spy ware / Anti Virus to ignore PC Tattletale.

Most likely. Today many anti virus and anti-spy ware manufactures are becoming increasingly overzealous in identifying perceived “threats,” and many care more about their profits then your child’s online safety.

Please visit our online video help tutorials page to learn how to configure your security software to allow PC Tattletale.

I need to install PC Tattletale on a PC other then the one I’m using now.

This is not a issue as long as you own the other computer as well. Installing PC Tattletale on a computer you do not own may violate state or local laws.

Once your purchase is complete you will be issued a download link and activation code to unlock the trial version of the software. This allow you to download and install PC Tattletale from any computer connected to the Internet.

Alternatively, you can save the PC Tattletale installation file to a CD-ROM and then use the CD to install on another computer.

Please note: Your purchased software license for PC Tattletale allows you to install the software to two (2) computers.

What anti virus and anti spy ware software to you recommend?

As Internet security software manufacturers become more aggressive in listing different types of software in order to have “the largest & most comprehensive database,” all Parental control and Internet monitoring programs regardless of manufacturer will at some point probably be listed.

But even should PC Tattletale be listed incorrectly as a “threat” with your security software it’s a simple matter to exclude PC Tattletale from its scans.

Of course there are a number of very good internet security programs on the market these days and your choice really comes down to price.

Note: Trend Micro & Panda Anti Virus are not compatible with parental control software.

Does PC Tattletale come with a money-back guarantee?

Of course! If PC Tattletale does not perform as advertised, please notify us within 30 days of purchase.

Our tech support staff is available to do our very best to make sure the product performs properly.

Please note: We do not provide refunds in the event that you changed your mind, or decided you don’t want to monitor your child because you are “feeling guilty” about doing so.

Additionally, refunds are not issued should your anti-virus or anti-spy ware software interfere the program.

Only a handful of these types of programs interfere with PC Tattletale and we provide very specific and easy to follow videos to show you how to exclude PC Tattletale from these program scans.

It is your responsibility to configure your security software to exclude PC Tattletale from their scans.

Is PC Tattletale a one time purchase or is it renewed annually?

PC Tattletale uses an annual renewable software license rather then a one time licensing fee, much like your internet security software.

Once activated the software will keep track of time left on your license and automatically notify you when it’s time to renew; just like your anti-virus software does.

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