keystroke logging

standard Keylogging Software That Really Works Even for Non-Techies

Keylogging software has proven to be useful in several ways including tracking computer activity. You can use the software to track your children or employee’s computer activity.  Keylogger software can uncover uncover any sign of infidelity from a spouse. No wonder the […]

standard Keystroke Tracking: How it Really Works

When it comes to spying on a computer, keystroke tracking is one of the leading ways to do it. In this article, we will learn about keystroke tracking, and how it really works. Keystroke tracking is recording or capturing the […]

standard Key Recorder – What Is It?

A key recorder, also known as keystroke recorder, is a software that logs every keystroke you type on your computer. A key recorder can be used to record and track computer activity and it runs hidden in the background. Key […]