standard How Media Portrays Sex & Its Effect On Teens

The mainstream media portrays sex in a way that permanently scars many teens before their teen years are over. Sex is portrayed as the way to attain status and happiness in life. Advertisements still use sex to sell products—maybe more than ever.

As a society, we are more aware than ever of the danger of sexually transmitted diseases. Yet teens are bombarded with sexually explicit images as if STDs were something that only happened to other people.

Sexually explicit programming and advertising is devastating to the self-esteem of teens. From Britney Spears to Cristina Aguilera, teen idols are portrayed by the mainstream media as prostitutes and vixens. Teenagers learn to see people as objects to be manipulated for sexual pleasure.

It is not surprising that some young people today act out their fantasies of sexual domination and power by raping or murdering others.
Sex is a gift from God. When a man and a woman marry, they should be able to look forward to enjoying a fulfilling sexual relationship for the rest of their lives. Yet long before people marry in our society, they have been bombarded with images of cosmetically perfect bodies engaged in simulations of sexual acts.

South Korean actress Lee Eun-Joo had everything a girl could want. At the age of 24, she was already a star of the prosperous South Korean movie industry. Beautiful, rich, and famous—millions of young girls throughout Asia must have been anxious to live the glamorous life that Lee Eun-Joo was living.

Some of them were willing to emulate Lee Eun-Joo in death, if they could not emulate her in life; her suicide by hanging in 2005 set off a wave of copycat suicides among young South Koreans.

Lee Eun-Joo was a sex symbol who did not survive stardom. Most teens survive their teenage years, but many come out of adolescence damaged for life.

The way the mainstream media portrays sex leaves many teens ill-prepared for a life where lasting sexual joy can only come from a relationship built on mutual love, respect, honesty, and trust.

In a successful marriage, a husband and wife choose to love one another in spite of the effects of time and gravity.

When teens have grown up watching Britney, Cristina, and Justin simulate casual sex with a different partner in every new video, many will not be able to find lasting fulfillment and joy when they are married to a real person.

That is the most tragic effect of all—and it should give you a reason to fight for your child’s future happiness by demanding that mainstream media serve our childrens best interests.


  1. you are absolutely right- no one sees sex as a gift anymore, it is so demeaning in today’s society that it has lost its value. I am even a teenager, and its so hard to be around it all the time. I’m so glad someone out there feels the same way I do. Thanks :)

  2. i totally understand God gave a married man and woman something sacred but with the media and the suffering worldview of people we have lost its understanding

  3. i totally understand God gave a married man and woman something sacred but with the media and the suffering worldview of people we have lost its understanding

  4. This is stupid. Teenagers should be given the right to do what ever they want. If they think what your saying is right then fine but they should be able to choose what they think is right.

  5. Nowadays media has a great impact on people specially teenagers. Teenagers have the right to choose but I hope they know what is right to choose!!!

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