standard Why Teen Peer Pressure Is So Dangerous?

Why Teen Peer Pressure Such a Danger?

Think back to your teen years. What do you remember most? If you’re like most teens you probably remember the joy of fitting in or belonging; or the pain of finding yourself outside the crowd.

Teen peer pressure is so dangerous because the desire to belong can become so great that teens often feel conflict between doing what they know is right and doing what it takes to be part of the crowd.

What can parents do?

• Get to know your teens friends, and spend time in conversation when you can.

• Gently address any concerns you have.

• Help your teen find his or her own “beat”

• Create opportunities for your teen to develop the confidence to “dance to his or her own beat.”

• Offer kindness and understanding. “Walk in your teens shoes,” and offer support from that perspective.

• Find out where they go online, what they spend their time doing and who they talk too.

The last is the hardest for parents because most teens aren’t all that open with their parents. And this is where parental monitoring can come into play.

Internet montitoring software like PC Tattletale or other parental software can tell parents exactly what they need to know to ensure that their children stay safe online.

Parents should also take some time to learn about the most popular social networking sites as well. This isn’t always so easy.

So has published a free report for parents all about and how to keep kids safe when using it.